Synthetic Grass Gold Coast

 Synthetic Grass Installation Gold Coast

Whilst renovating my home I was stumped with what I was going to do with my lawn, I had a mud pit out the back yard, also, I’m not a keen gardener so I was looking for something low maintenance. After researching all my options I thought I would look into using Synthetic Grass. I got some quotes and ended up getting a local company to come and install a synthetic grass lawn, this was fantastic as they not only levelled the yard, they used sand to really pack it down for the best result, my lawn is now super green 12 month of the year, all I need to do is give it a squirt with the hose every now and then. After researching synthetic grass gold coast I came across a company called – Resurf, these guys did a great job and supplied a great product, so very happy.

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synthetic grass gold coast

Home Air Conditioning Systems

Gold Coast Home Air Conditioning Systems

It’s always hard to know what type of air conditioning system to install in your home, firstly you need to determine the area you want to cool, for example a 2.5KW air conditioner is not going to cool a large house, you will probably have to upgrade to a 5KW to cool a whole house.

Another thing to remember is split system right for you? Or possibly ducted air conditioning might suit you better? The benefits of ducting is it will cool the whole house, or at least every room you run a duct to, as opposed to a split system where you only have 1 outlet of cool air.. keep in mind that ducted is not only awesome!! But it is more expensive, so it depends how rich you are.

I use a local Gold Coast company to install my Air Conditioning System, I use a Kelvinator 5KW split system Air Conditioner as here on the Gold Coast Queensland it gets very hot and although I only have a transportable modular home, which is only 100 m2 , I thought a bigger machine would be better. call teh guys below if you are if you are looking to install  Air Conditioning in Gold Coast.

Air Condng Company Gold Coast

Shed Kits Online Australia

Buying Shed Kits Online in Australia

Building your own shed can be easy if done correctly. The best way to do this is to buy a shed kit from a shed company, give them your dimensions of what you require and they will give you a quote for the shed kit to be delivered to your house.

I built my own shed last october and it turned out really well, mind you the guys who I got the shed off were a big help, I was able to get from them all the engineering plans and materials list, this enabled me to lay everything out before I started and get it all worked out in my head.

It’s not rocket science, the shed will come as a bolt together, once you mark out where your footings are going to go and start bolting them down, you will soon see that the building is very easy to build.

If you are researching Sheds online, I suggest using a BlueScope steel shed and Colorbond, they seem to be the best quality in Australia and come with a warranty too.the company I used (world of Sheds) had the best sheds prices i could find.

You can also hang your garage doors yourself, the shed design that you have purchased will come with all the brackets and tracks required for the shed to install the garage door. If you are looking to purchase a shed kit then World of sheds offer great designs and have a large range of Shed Kits

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